RIP John Hughes

RIP John Hughes

(February 18, 1950 – August 6, 2009)

The man that epitomised all that was great about 80’s movies has sadly died at just 59 years of age. John Hughes was a legend and without him there would have been no Brat Pack. Ferris Bueller, Weird Science, The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Pretty In Pink are all classics that will mean Hughes will never be forgotten.

John Hughes was responsible for turning Molly Ringwald into a global superstar and once she decided to move away from his projects, Ringwald’s career faltered badly. The same goes for Anthony Michael Hall. After turning down roles in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Pretty in Pink, Hall took a number of years to get back involved in mainstream projects.

While I’m not a big fan of his post 80’s work, John Hughes continued to be successful throughout the 90’s. Home Alone was in fact Hughes’ most successful project and was the top grossing film of 1990. Movies such as Babies Day Out and Flubber don’t appeal to me but you can’t argue with the fact his films continued to make money at the box office.

I hope that John Hughes enjoyed his time away from the public eye since 1994 and spent plenty of it with his family and friends. I was always hoping we would see a comeback from Hughes at some point but sadly it wasn’t to be.

Rest In Peace John.

Weird Science

Yet another John Hughes classic, Weird Science made every teenage boy’s fantasy a reality, create your own real life dream girl from the comfort of your own bedroom!

Wyatt and Gary are two awkward American high school teenagers who are struggling with girls and the popular crowd. On top of this they have Wyatt’s bully of a brother Chet making their lives a misery.

While watching Frankenstein one night, they come up with the idea to create their own perfect woman! Using their computer, magazine cut outs, some jump leads and a Barbie doll, Wyatt and Gary get to work. Thanks to some strange weather conditions and a power surge, up pops the stunning Lisa!

Gary and Wyatt

Gary and Wyatt

With Lisa’s help, the boys turn from a couple of geeks into popular Ferrari driving teens who can suddenly pick up girls with relative ease.

The usual John Hughes party ensues with a few twists and turns before the climax involving their families and some strange men on bikes!

Weird Science Rating

An all time classic, fun and great to watch more than once, Weird Science gets a Brat Pack rating of 9/10.

Weird Science Trivia

The actor who played Wyatt somewhat turned his backing on Hollywood and is now a high level graduate assistant in the English department of a Texas University.

One of the kids from the mall scene in Weird Science, Cliff, was also one of Anthony Michael Hall’s sidekicks in Sixteen Candles.

Weird Science Characters

Gary Wallace – played by Anthony Michael Hall

Lisa – played by Kelly LeBrock

Ian – played by Robert Downey Jr

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Pretty In Pink

Another 80’s classic written by John Hughes and starring Molly Ringwald, Pretty In Pink was the definitive teenage love story of the 80’s.

Molly Ringwald plays Andie, a modern girl from a poor family who falls for Andrew McCarthy’s character Blane. Blane is from a different world to Andie due to his wealthy upbringing. Their friends struggle to accept their relationship because they are all from different social circles. Blane’s best friend Steff does all he can to scupper their bond.

Andie’s mother left her and her father years ago and Andie has since struggled to make her dad get a job. Her two best friends Duckie and Iona help her deal with all the dramas. What Andie doesn’t realise is that Duckie is madly in love with her.

Pretty In Pink is not quite as good as Hughes’ other movies of the same era such as The Breakfast Club and Some Kind Of Wonderful but it still goes down as a classic.

Brat Pack Rating

Being Hughes and Ringwald it’s hard to find too many faults with Pretty In Pink. Throw in an excellent bad guy played by James Spader and it rates a solid 8/10.

Pretty In Pink Characters

Andie – Fashion conscious, new wave girl struggling with money and relationships.

Duckie – Andie’s ever faithful friend who is also madly in love with her.

Blane – A rich guy but also a good guy, has his sights set on Andie.

Steff – Balne’s best friend who is rotten to the core! Doesn’t want Blane getting involved with the poor crowd.

Starring; Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy.

Pretty In Pink Trivia

Blane, Andie and Duckie

Blane, Andie and Duckie

Duckie and Andie originally ended up together but Hughes was put under pressure to change the ending by the studio. Ringwald also felt the ending with Duckie wasn’t right and said she felt he was more like a brother but did have chemistry with McCartney’s character Blane.

Michael J Fox was originally offered the part of Duckie.

Andrew McCarthy had to wear a wig when the ending of the film was re-shot because he had shaved his head for another role.

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