Life Lessons Learnt From 1980s Movies

We love 1980s movies so much that we tend to live 1980s movies without even realising that we do! Or at least, we live the lessons that we learnt from 1980s movies without even being aware of the fact.

The 1980s film industry was all about creating movies that would live on long after the last of the credits had rolled by. And for the most part: success.

The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club taught us that what you see at first is not always what you get. In other words, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Yes, it may be true that Saturday detention is no longer really a thing, but the lessons learnt from the simple premise of a group of people who knew nothing about the social standing or background of anyone in the gathering, is a truly powerful one.

It’s the story of five individuals getting to know each other on completely neutral ground and discovering the value of getting to know another human being before forming an opinion based on stereotypes.

Veronica Sawyer
Veronica taught us a very valuable lesson: it does not matter what society or modern-day convention dictates, the only way to really be happy and content is to practice independent thinking and form our own ideas.

This counts for everything, from whom we associate with, to the bets we place when enjoying horse racing betting.

Doc Brown
Back To The Future is considered to be one of the greatest movies ever made, and we have to agree. If there are valuable life lessons to be learnt from any one character from the 1980’s, then its Doc Brown.

Doc Brown’s character sought to debunk flawed ideas and change people’s perspectives in every aspect of life, from perceived mental illness (even to the point of having been institutionalised!), to squashing the theory that all smart people are essentially mad.

What’s more, Doc Brown taught us to persist and to never give up on our dreams. He had a dream and he wanted to make it work. He persisted and kept at it and became the ultimate example of personal resilience.

The Boy with The Boombox
We’re referring of course, to Lloyd Dobler, the loveable romantic in the film, Say Anything. Lloyd was a kick boxer and quite articulate about what he wanted, and, what he did not want in life. But most of all, Lloyd was in pursuit of a shy valedictorian, Diane Court.

He was relentless in the way that he pursued her, even going as far as teaching her to drive. When Diane finally breaks up with Lloyd, the now legendary scene ensues: Lloyd standing outside of Diane’s window with a boom box, playing In Your Eyes.

Lloyd understood the value of risking it all for love. And he wasn’t afraid to show it.

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