Predicting the Future: Back to The Future

Most classic movie lovers would agree: the 1980’s Blockbuster, Back to The Future, is one of the most iconic sci-fi classics of all time.

But what many don’t realise, is that a staggering number of predictions made by this science fiction cult classic came true. We take a look at some of the more profound forward-looking inventions that were part and parcel of the premise of Back To The Future.

Video Games
Well, motion-controlled, hand-steered, video games. Motion-control wasn’t part of the first video games. You had to use your hands for literally everything as all movement was controlled by controllers.

In the meantime, we have progressed all the way to Augmented Reality, and hand-controllers are fast becoming something that only existed in the pages of history.

The invention of motion sensors and smart cameras were only but a distant dream back in the 80’s, but Back to The Future had already imagined a future where no-hands video games would become a reality.

In one specific scene, Charles Fleischer, the actor who portrayed the save the clock tower guy is holding a hand-held device that closely resembles a tablet, whilst asking for donations.

The tablet as we know it today only appeared on the scene long after the movie was filmed and was only perfected much later by the late Steve Jobs, when the iPad was born.

At the time, no one would have dreamed of what was to come, and the fact that you can even enjoy the sports betting NZ has to offer in the palm of your hand may have been unbelievable.

The Upside-Down Indoors Garden
Have limited space but want to cultivate your own vegetable garden? Why not give the upside-down, hanging-vegetable garden a go?

Defying the laws of all that we think we know about plants and even gravity, it’s an idea that works! It works especially well in our modern-day concrete jungles.

A phenomenon that wasn’t at all part anyone’s frame of reference in the era when Back to The Future was created. And yet, it’s right there in the film: the upside-down, hanging-vegetable, indoors garden.

Our Obsession with Sequels
Who will ever forget the scene in the film where Jaws 19 (!) is showing at the Holomax. Yes, we may not have progressed all the way to a 19th sequel of Jaws (yet) but we have managed to commit overkill with many other titles, with Saw being but one of the many.

It’s the truth: we are unable to quite whilst we’re ahead. Sequels are our thing. And Back To The Future saw it all go down long before it happened.

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